Benefits of Massage Therapy

Welcome to Kathryn Hodgson Massage Therapy: Here, on this website, I invite you to learn the benefits of massage therapy to support and assist your goals towards maximum health and physical functioning and why seeing a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for your massage needs is a sound choice for your health care.Massage-Therapy-Brentwood-BC

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Most people will find health and wellbeing benefits from Massage Therapy. Whether you are recovering from an injury, living with chronic conditions, coping with stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia, working in physically demanding occupations or environments, striving to attain & maintain physical fitness goals, preparing for or recovering from surgery, suffering the wear & tear of improper postural habits, or struggling with the aches and pains that come with daily life, an individualized Therapeutic Massage from the hands of an RMT can support and assist you in your journey towards optimal health and functioning.

How Massage Therapy can Help

RMTs are armed with a multitude of treatment techniques and applications to address your individual needs. You may see or hear terms such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Muscle Stripping, Swedish Techniques, Hydrotherapy, Muscle Energy, Joint Play & Joint Mobilizations, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Manual Lymph Drainage. An RMT will assess your needs and design a treatment session, or series of sessions, to include a few or many of these therapeutic techniques to meet your individual goals.
What to Expect from Kathryn Hodgson

What to expect from Kathryn Hodgson, RMT

At Kathryn Hodgson Massage Therapy, new patients must complete a confidential patient history questionnaire and consent to treatment form. I then spend some time reviewing your form with you and discussing the reasons you are seeking treatment. I also conduct a physical assessment of your concerns. All combined, my assessment ensures that I have a complete picture of your goals and requirements before I plan your treatment. Your health and wellbeing are my utmost concern and you always have the final say in deciding whether or not the treatment plan works for you.

To save some time in your initial session, you can download and fill in the Confidential Health History/Consent to Treatment form here. Please bring this form with you to your first session.